Persistence Pays Off for Kentucky Lottery $500,000 Scratch-Off Winner


James Lunsford, 65, of Jamestown, Kentucky, likes playing the state’s $20 $75 Million Cash Blowout scratch-off ticket. He stopped by the Lake Cumberland Corner Store in Jamestown, Kentucky, this past November and bought two of the tickets.

Neither were winning tickets but he noticed the ticket numbers were 11 and 12 and left the store. On Wednesday morning he returned to the store to buy another ticket when he saw that no one had bought a ticket off the roll.

It was ticket number 13, he said. Lucky 13.

Well, it sure did, for the Russell county man. He bought it and sat down at a table and began scratching off the ticket. I scratched off the number 38 and the prize amount underneath it was $50,000. I kept scratching and saw ten of them, he told lottery officials.

It’s hard to believe. I was just looking for a $100 winner but never expected this, James said.

James is one of 17 brothers and sisters. He drove to lottery headquarters in Louisville with two of his sisters, Dorothy Rose of Nicholasville and Kathy Rhineheimer. James split his winnings in half with Dorothy. Each received a check for $172,500 after taxes.

The Russell county man lives a very simple life. He has been a rock layer all of his life and when asked what he was going to buy with his winnings, he said a new mortar mixer, wheel barrel and cement.

Uh…a new car might be nice too, James.

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  1. I’ve read a few articles about how deserving Jimmy Lunsford is in winning… so here’s another perspective to share with everyone:

    Jimmy has 3 grown kids, as you might have figured out by the name, I’m one of them. I am sickened to read about “how deserving” and “what a great guy” he is. Try growning up one of his kids and not having any acknowledgment, love, encouragement, or kindness come your way. I’ve called him for years to try to stay in contact, he’s never returned phone call to me and we’ve only spoken if I’ve been lucky enough to catch him at home. Even notice how he mentions that he’s 1 of 17 kids… nothing mentioned about his own kids.

    I gave up trying to stay in contact 2 years ago when I had my son. My little boy was very sick when he was born, we didn’t know if he was going to make it. I thought of my own Dad daily… wondering how someone could have a child in the world and not know (or care) if they were alive and well. To me, my children are everything so I gave up trying to understand or care anymore.

    I have mixed emotions about his winnings. Of course I’m happy for him, and not because it’s him, but I’m happy to see anyone that works hard get a break in life. I’m also irritated with the fact that my Dad did not pay one cent of child support my whole entire life. Irritated that the lottery payouts are not more thorough in their investigations of who their winners might be indebted to before writing out the checks. And quite frankly, chapped when reading media articles about how deserving he is. Can you believe that he wouldn’t even help me to buy a prom dress? Can you believe that he still hasn’t called… I can.

    Thank God that I have the best step-father anyone could ever ask for that raised me as his own and took care of me. Thank God for the step-fathers out there in the world that put food on their kids tables, give them love and support, cheer them at their ball games, and teach them right and wrong.

  2. I know you are trying to sound poised and confident but you really want to go over there and destroy everything he has bought and take what money is left. Thats what I would do. (Well besides the jail part) AND IT IS NEVER TO LATE. YOU CAN AT LEAST TAKE HIM TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT AND RECEIVE THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF 5.000 FOR YOUR LOST CHILD SUPPORT ESPECIALLY IF YOUR MOTHER IS WILLING TO PARTICIPATE. One of those t.v. ones will even pay a little more and you could nationally denounce his deserving-ass!!! Good Luck, And I hate the lottery.


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