Italian SuperEnalotto 177 Million Euros Winning Ticket Owned by Lottery Syndicate (Pool)


I told you pools are the way to go. Me? I play individually AND in a pool.

Now, some good news for my European readers. And those who want to buy European lottery tickets.

As you know, there was a HUGE winner on Saturday night in Italy.

News is leaking out about the winner of the Italian Superenalotto on Saturday, Oct. 30.

The jackpot was a mind boggling 177 million euros, or about 247 million U.S. dollars.

Apparently, the jackpot was won by a syndicate (a large lottery pool), operating a lottery “system’.

It is not yet known if the syndicate, or pool, is an Italian group of lottery players or an online lottery syndicate.

I’ll let you know, because it is a helluva big jackpot.

Lottery officials have said that the “system’ or syndicate block of tickets for Saturday night’s Superenalotto were purchased in a quota of 70, and that each quota would have cost $24 or about $34 USD.

I don’t know is if each quota was held by an individual lottery player, or whether in fact some were shared or even players holding more than one quota.

If it turns out that the SuperEnalotto Italy winners are a 70-strong lottery syndicate then each syndicate member will be looking at a return of around $2.5 million (about $3.5 million in USD) each. Not a bad return on a $24 stake!

What we don’t know is where the winners are from, details may emerge soon about the SuperEnalotto Italy winners but Italian lottery players usually choose to remain anonymous so we may never know their names or where they are from.


  1. Ha! I knew syndicate gonna win. But why would you want to play lotto in syndicate! Bigger chances to win yeah maybe still like 1 in millions, but you win so small comparing if you play by yourself.. At least i don`t feel so bad that all that money went to one human being not being me.. 😀


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