Are lotteries illegal in some places?


In most instances lotteries are run by the government or the local government of a particular state, as is the case in the United States. It goes without saying that lotteries that are recognized and organized by the government, whether local or national, are considered legal. In places where various lotteries are held, those that are not government run may be illegal.

Illegal lotteries abound and it is not advisable for anyone, no matter how high the prize may be, or how likely you are to win to participate in such activities. Illegal lotteries operate in different places all over the world and these lotteries, which are often just scams to fleece money from people, prey not only on those who live in the country where they operate, but on those who live elsewhere as well.

So-called winners of illegal lotteries are usually informed that they have won a lottery they did not join by mail (postal or electronic) or phone. To claim your supposed prize winnings, recipients of illegal lottery notices are usually required to send in bank account details or your credit card; or ask you to buy a secondary lottery ticket before they can claim their prize. Unsuspecting consumers who fall for this ruse send the requested information and, instead of gaining the millions of dollars promised by the organizer, find themselves losing a few hundred or thousand dollars.

To avoid being victimized by illegal lotteries, always remember that recognized organizers of lotteries will not try to sell you a ticket by mail or phone. They will not ask you to give out personal details such as your bank account number or credit card information. Remember too, which lotteries you have joined. If you receive a letter from a lottery which does not sound familiar to you, ignore the letter at once. Think of it: how can you win a game of chance if you didn’t even purchase a ticket for it, right?

If you want to join lotteries, it is better if you purchase tickets issued by organizers recognized by the government, or by government run lotteries. It is also recommended that you play lotteries in your country of origin. Although prize winnings in foreign countries may be more substantial, by purchasing lottery tickets internationally you may be violating local or international laws. Besides, you have no assurance that the international lottery tickets you bought are legitimate.


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