Million Dollar Lottery Prize Unclaimed


The Illinois Lottery recently held a summer promo called Million Dollar Summer Raffle wherein only limited tickets were sold. Each of the 500,000 tickets were sold for $20. It was on the evening of Tuesday last week that the drawing was held, making four new millionaires in an instant. Five people became $100,000 richer while 500 people got $1,000 each. So what’s all the fuss about?

The holder of ticket number 0189067, from Madison County, has not come up to claim his or her prize as of yet. The winning ticket has been traced to the general store (Casey’s General) in Glen Carbon. Everyone is excited about the whole thing yet the main player has not shown up yet. He has up to a year from the drawing to do so and claim his prize. We can only surmise why he has not done so yet.

Sometimes the lottery can expose strange stories, don’t you think so? I just can’t help but think up of different scenarios why this person has not claimed his prize. I mean, if it were I who won that lottery, I would have been there (wherever it is I need to be to claim the prize) in a heartbeat. I’ve thought of mundane (but heart breaking) reasons such as the person having thrown away his ticket, oh that would really be bad! I don’t know, no one knows except that person. Yet think about it, this is the chance that so many people have been waiting for all their lives. I hope that this guy, whoever he is goes up there and shows his face soon.


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