Scottish Woman Wins the Euro Millions


An ordinary postal worker in Scotland has just suddenly surpassed the wealth of some of the most well known names around the world, including Princes William and Harry. Angela Kelly, a former postal worker in East Kilbride bought a Euro Millions lottery ticket for 1.50 a week before at Sainsburys. She found out she was a winner on Monday, overcoming the odds of one in 76 million.

At the moment, she seems to be really level headed saying that nothing much would change in their lifestyles, that is, her son’s and hers. He is finishing school soon and wants to be a fireman and that is what he is going to be, says Angela Kelly. As for herself, she does not want more than her newly fitted kitchen in her old flat and a decent modest saloon for a car.

More than this piece of news, though, what interests me are the comments of other ordinary people. They are posted under the article in the Telegraph’s web site where a feature of Ms. Kelly can be found. Many of the people give her the advice to invest wisely, engage the services of financial experts, and so on along those lines.  Yet one person says: “Invest wisely???????????????

Don’t be daft – even if she put it in the Post Office, the interest alone would be more than she could spend. Go out girl and follow every instinct you have – live a little, help others if you feel the need – but above all – take no advice from ‘experts’. How do you think this country became such a mess in the first place.

What do you think? Which opinion makes more sense?


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