More Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The Lottery


So you know now that the lottery has been around forever. I bet there are some other things that you didn’t know about the lottery.

Lottery and Corruption
Ever wondered why the lottery has had such a bad rap? Well I don’t know all the specifics but based on what I have read, by the end of the Civil War, there was nothing good going for the lottery and it was banned in most states, except Louisiana that is. The Louisiana Lottery Company was able to bribe the authorities very well and continued their operations, earning a whole lot of money, giving away loose change in prizes and to charity. This continued for 25 years until Congress finally put its foot down and banned multi-state lotteries in 1890.

A Lottery Loser?
Ever heard of Clarence Jackson?  This guy won the Connecticut Lottery in 1995. For one reason or another, he didn’t find out that he won until 15 minutes before the one-year deadline to claim the prize. To cut the long story short, he didnj’t get to claim the prize in time for him to get $5.8 million. Until now he is still attempting to have the courts award him the prize. It is preposterous from both perspectives, really.

Lucky Jackson
If the other Jackson was unlucky, this one definitely isn’t. Andrew Jackson Whittaker won the $314.9 million Powerball lottery in 2002. Thing is,he was already a millionaire by his own rights.

By the way, completely off topic, someone just won the Powerball jackpot from Indiana last weekend. Lucky people…


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