UFOs, Aliens, and 9 Winners of $206.9 Million

holly baldwin lottery winner

Once known primarily for aliens and UFO sightings, Roswell, New Mexico will now also be recognized as the home of nine extremely lucky Powerball players who pooled their money together and won $206.9 million, the New Mexico Lottery’s largest prize ever.

The nine winners, all friends, are Carl and Holly Baldwin, Kevin and Jessica Breedyk, Ron and Cindy Miller, Ryan and Nicole Miller, and Randy Miller. They decided to take the prize in a cash payment of $102.9 million rather than the annuity option of 30 payments over 29 years.

The ticket buyer, Holly Baldwin, actually left a birthday party on Sept. 27 to buy the Powerball tickets for the lottery pool. She drove across town just to play at her favorite retailer.

She just made it under the wire. It was two hours before the draw.

After breakfast the following morning, Baldwin checked the winning numbers. Among her ticket’s quick pick set of numbers, Baldwin discovered the jackpot-winning combination of 13, 24, 29, 40, 52 and the red Powerball of 29.

“I started bawling,” the 29-year-old woman said.

Well, wouldn’t you? If I had won that amount of money, I’d cry too.

All the way to the bank.

“When Holly called me,” Nicole Miller recalled, “my first reaction was that she was playing a practical joke because I could hear Carl laughing in the background.”

After arriving home Sunday afternoon from a weekend road trip, Kevin and Jessica Breedyk had to be coaxed to get back into their car to drive to the Baldwin home.

“They finally said ‘We have a birthday surprise for you,'” Jessica Breedyk recalled.

The winners said they plan to make investments.

In the Money:

Friday night’s Mega Millions draw was worth $42 million. Winning numbers were 13, 28, 32,41, 52 and the Mega Ball was 16. No word yet (I write this at 1 a.m., eastern time) on winners.

Check our website tomorrow for a special alert about Mega Millions.

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is worth $20 million.

Good luck everyone

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