New Mexico Player Wins $500,000 Lottery Scratch Game


A few weeks ago a group of Roswell, New Mexico players won more than $209 million playing Powerball. Then the New Mexico lottery released the fact that the state’s players have won $227 million in prizes this year.

Nice. Maybe I should move there. Maybe all of us who play the lottery should play in New Mexico.

Now comes news of another big winner, Lonnie Freyburger and his wife Lois won $500,000 playing the Lottery’s “$500,000 Extravaganza” scratcher game.

When he received the check, the 53 year old manager for the state’s department of transportation practically fainted with excitement, said Lottery officials. His wife cried.

To make his wife to stop crying, Lonnie Freyburger joked about changing their plans for a celebratory restaurant dinner of soup and salad.

“You can have an entree,” he said.

Lonnie Freyburger purchased the $20 Scratcher while on a lunch break in Santa Fe.

“The ticket was looking lonely so I told the clerk, ‘Okay, give me that one,'” he told lottery officials.

Lonnie Freyburger scratched the ticket in his car using his lucky penny.

The discovery of the prize made for a nerve-racking 40-mile ride home to the town of Moriarty.

“Have you ever had a half million dollars in your car?” he said. “My legs were shaking.”

The Freyburgers plan to share their windfall with children and grandchildren and save for retirement.

“This is life-changing,” Lonnie Freyburger said.

Enough said. This is why we all play the lottery.

By the numbers:

Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is worth $23 million.

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot is worth $15 million.

Good luck.

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