Where to Hide Your MIllion-Dollar winning Lottery Ticket


If you won a lottery jackpot…a big one…where would you hide it?

In all the time I’ve interviewed lottery winners, I always ask them what they did with their winning ticket, from the time they find out they’ve won until they cash it in. Some people go directly to Lottery Headquarters in their jurisdiction.

Others, hide their ticket.

I’m constantly amazed at some of the places where people hide their valuable winning tickets. Here are some of the most unusual places I’ve run across. All the following are true:

After Ali Guillians of Connecticut won $3.4 million, she hid the ticket in her Bible.

Florida’s Donna Aloi hid her $4.5 million-winning ticket behind a an arrangement of plastic flowers.

Merleen Ellis, of Kansas, hid her $10,000 winning ticket under a flower pot.

Charles Waggle, of California, hid a million dollar ticket in the open, in his Star Wars mug.

Jill and Charles Johnston took their winning ticket and kept in their refrigerator.

What would you do? Where would you hide a valuable ticket?

By the numbers: tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is $86 million.

Tonight’s Euro MIllions jackpot is 15 million Euros.

Tomorrow night’s Powerball jackpot is a cool $61 million.

Good luck everyone.

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  1. Hide it? I’d be at the lottery headquarters that day…or at worst the next morning.

    I wouldn’t put the ticket out of my sight.

    Love the column.


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