Wednesday’s $128 Mega Millions Jackpot: Playing Hot and Cold Numbers


Friends and lottery players all over the world:

I am not a great believer in systems. If they worked…if someone had an ironclad system, then lotteries would be out of business. And obviously, they aren’t. In fact, during this period of recession, lottery play has remained steady if not increased.

All this said, there are various play theories that I find interesting. One of those are playing HOT and COLD numbers.

Mind you, when you have 59 balls spinning around in a hopper and five pop out, those balls don’t have minds and just because a certain number shows up (or doesn’t) over a period of time offers no clue as to what the next number might be.

But the law of averages works, and over time (sometimes a long time), all the numbered balls in a lottery, roughly are called.

That said, people like to play hot numbers and cold numbers and because Mega Millions is at $128 million this Tuesday, I went back 20 games to see if there were any hot numbers and cold numbers.

If I can help you win $128 million, I am glad to do so.

But understand…I am no mathematician or statistician. This is unscientific and if you bet these numbers, it should be your decision alone.

Past 20 games:

1-59 hottest numbers:
52-6, 14-4,42,4

Cold 1-59 numbers:
4,8,12,20,26,37,40,50,54 (these numbers have not been drawn at all over the past 20 games)

Hot Mega ball numbers:
36,3 and 21-2 (the rest are either 1 or 0)

Cold Mega balls (these numbers have not been picked at all over the past 20 games).

1,2,5,6,7,8,10,13,14,15,17,19,20,22,24 through 33, 37,39,42,43.

If you believe in hot and cold numbers, I hope this helps.

I hope YOU win the $128 Mega Millions jackpot on Dec. 2.

This Wednesday’s Power Ball jackpot is worth $25 million.
This Friday’s Euro Millions jackpot is worth 15 million Euros.

Good luck everyone.

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  1. Great research.
    I’m not going to play — I do play Powerball — but this is great stuff for anyone playing Mega Millions.
    Never thought to play hot-cold numbers, but like you implied, the law of averages is the law of averages.
    There’s no way those cold numbers stay cold forever. I’d definitely figure out a couple cold number combos.
    I’ve never looked around, but is there a way I can play Mega Millions in Pennsyvlania?


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