Lottery Winner is Two-Timer: Some People Have All the Luck. [Smiles]


We should all be so lucky as Missouri resident Shirley Kowaleski, to whom winning the Missouri Lottery has become second nature.

Kowalewski, a bio chemistry lab technician at the University of Missouri in Columbia, explained that her recent win was due to a profitable inconvenience.

According to Kowalewski, who discovered she was $10,000 richer after purchasing a Missouri Lottery scratch game ticket, the real reason she purchased that particular game was because the ticket that she actually wanted to buy was unavailable.

That’s called being at the right place at the right time, Shirley.

“I went to several different stores looking for one of the new ‘Big Money’ tickets, but I couldn’t find one anywhere,” said Kowalewski.  “I decided to get a $20 ticket at the next place I went to if the other ticket wasn’t there.”

The ticket that Kowalewski was originally after might have been the reason she left the house on Dec. 12, but the ticket she ended up purchasing proved to be a “blessing” for her and her family.

“When I realized I had won the Lottery again, I was really shocked,” said Kowalewski.

Kowalewski’s first brush with “lady luck” came in April of 2007 when she won a $200,000 Powerball prize.

“My husband, Tom, wasn’t too surprised when I won the Lottery, again, because he thinks that I am always the ‘lucky one,'” said Kowalewski.

According to Tom, he believes that even if he purchased two Lottery tickets, gave one to his wife, asked her to switch the ticket with him back and forth a few times, she would still end up with the winning ticket out of the two.

“That’s OK, though, because you only need one ‘lucky person’ in the family,” explained Tom.

The Kowalewskis already paid off their home and purchased new vehicles with their $200,000 prize money from their Powerball win, so they have smaller plans for their most recent windfall.

“Actually, my daughter said she is more excited about this win than the Powerball win, because it’s close to Christmas, and she has a lot on her list,” said Kowalewski with a smile and a laugh.

No one won last night’s Mega Millions drawing, so the jackpot rises to $16 million on Friday.

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is worth $50 million.

Friday night’s Euro Millions carries a jackpot of 15 million Euros (about $19.4 million U.S.)

Good luck to everyone out there.

I’m hoping Shirley’s story inspires everyone to believe that winning once, twice…even three times, big money, is possible. I know. I’ve seen it.

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