Powerball Lottery $90 Million Jan.3 Draw: Hot and Cold Numbers


If you believe in the power of probability, the idea that eventually, over time, the numbers drawn in a Powerball game will even out, then you likely find the strategy of playing hot and cold numbers, at least intriguing.

I know I do.

I play a combination of cold numbers and lucky numbers.

Keeping in mind that I promise nothing…that I do not believe any lottery systems work, here then are the hot and cold numbers for tonight’s $90 million jackpot.

I went back a full 30 games to get a sense of what numbers had not yet been drawn and those that have. I did not find any extraordinarily hot numbers…but, oh well, you take a look for yourself.

And good luck everyone.

You pick 5 of 55 numbers.

Over the past 30 games, hot numbers (with number of times drawn in parenthesis):
17,32 (7)
26,39,40 (6)
3,8 (5)

Cold numbers:
23,27,42,46 (0)

You then pick the Power ball from a field of 42 numbers:
2 (3)
10,13,14,15,24,26,33,37 (2)

Not drawn in last 30 games:

Use the numbers well.

I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.

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