Lottery Player Strikes $500,000 ‘Gold’


What I love…what I TRULY love about talking to lottery winners all over the country is hearing about the moment when they’ve realized they are a big winner.

Some winners go into shock. Others start dancing. Most don’t believe it.

Playing Indiana’s Hoosier Lottery is a pretty normal thing for keith Hatfield and his wife Brenda.

Throw out the normal. Hatfield just won a $500,000 top prize on the new Hoosier Lottery scratch-off game $500,000 Gold Rush. 
According to Brenda Hatfield, she and Keith are frequent players who often play Scratch-off games “for a Sunday afternoon activity.”
Even though they play hoping for a win, Hatfield admits $500,000 is more than he was expecting when he scratched the ticket. 
“I was in the car at the gas station and I said, ‘Man, I hope it’s more than $20,'” said Hatfield.
As Hatfield realized he was looking not at $20 or even $500, but $500,000 he went into shock.
“I called my wife and said ‘I’m shaking so much I don’t think I can drive home,'” said Hatfield.
“I don’t think either of us slept last night,” said Brenda.
With their winnings, the couple plan to set money aside for their daughter’s college education and make home improvements such as a new furnace and new siding. 

The Hatfields also might go “on a little vacation.  We’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas.”


Friday night’s Mega Millions carries a $12 millon jackpot.
Friday night’s Euro Millions offers up a 15 million Euro jackpot.
And Saturday night’s Powerball has a mind-boggling $165 million jackpot up for grabs.

Good luck everyone.

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