Lottery Strategies to Think About This Week, When You Are Playing Mega Millions and Powerball


With both of America’s multi-state lotteries offering jackpots of more than $100 million, I thought it might be instructive to outline a few strategies that people use when playing lotteries.

These strategies, and many, many more take up an entire chapter of my new book, “LOttery: A Guide to American Lotteries,” now available on com and at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

Here is how I feel about strategies. In talking about them, I am not guaranteeing a win. But they are interesting and they are based on trends in the business.

Avoid Quick Picks. I know we all love them and most people believe that Quick Picks win most of the time, but they don’t. 65 percent of players Quick Pick but only 57 of big winners are Quick Picks.

Pool your money, by all means, but know your numbers and who you are pooling with. This is another chapter in my book.

Use repeat numbers. Approximately 60 percent of the time, one or two numbersĀ  are repeated come the next drawing.

Balance out even and odd numbers.

Avoid common sequences, like 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 4,8,12, 16,20,24.

Avoid playslip patterns, four corners, verticals, Xs or Vs.

I’d like to hear from players who have some other smart advice.


Tuesday night’s Mega Millions has a $103 million jackpot.

Wednesday night’s Powerball has a $105 million jackpot.

Friday’s Euro Millions carries a 28 million Euro jackpot ($36.1 million, U.S.)

Good luck, players.

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