Lottery Strategies: Some Tips on How Some People Play


Ever since my book came out (last week: “Lottery: A Guide to American Lotteries” by Rick Dandes (McAllister Publishers), I have been inundated with requests to talk about lottery strategies.

So today I’m gonna take a day away from telling you inspiring stories about lottery winners and give you some basic ideas, tips as it were…on lottery strategies I’ve come across over the past 10 years.

Keep in mind: I ask you all not to play more than the amount of money you can afford.

1. Avoid quick picks. I know, I know. You’ve heard that quick picks win. They do. Here is a little known fact. The 65 percent of players who buy quick picks win only 57 percent of the time.

2. Determine cost ratios. Divide the prizes cash payout into the odds. Then play the game with the best ratio.

3. Follow the trends. Again, most people don’t believe in trends when talking about bouncing balls randomly picked. But some people like to play trends. Hot numbers, cold numbers. etc. Track back the numbers picked 20 games back. See my book for more on this.

4. Avoid playing all odd or all even numbers. Historically, when picking 6 numbers for a lotto game, they almost never show up…all or nothing.

5. Avoid combinations like 1,2,3,4,5,6. Never been picked.

6. Pool your money. Gives you more buying power.

7. Play more when jackpots rise. Why? More bang for your $1 bets.

With two $120 million jackpots in play tonight and Saturday, GOOD luck, everyone.

Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is $120 million.
Euro Millions tonight also has a nice jackpot, 28 million Euros.
And Saturday night’s Powerball jackpot is a cool $125 million.

On sale now at, barnes and noble, and through the publisher, McAllister books.

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