Oh…By the Way…. You Just Won $100,000


I can’t even begin to tell you all how many times people tell me stories about how they won…while buying a ticket in the morning going to work. Inevitably, the winner stops at a convenience store for a cup of coffee and while there, buys a lottery ticket.


And wins. Great way to start the day.

Witness the case of Waseca resident David Gorick. On Feb. 3, he stopped at By The Way, a convenience store in Waseca, to exchange $12 in winning Lottery tickets for two Holiday Slots tickets.

The store had only one ticket left in the pack, so Gorick bought that ticket and another for a different game.

He won some money on these tickets and went back to By The Way later in the day to buy four Holiday Slots tickets from the new pack. That’s when his luck really turned.

After he finished watching Wheel of Fortune that evening, Gorick scratched the tickets in his home office.

The ticket revealed three stocking cap symbols on the first spin to win the game’s top prize of $100,000.

I knew right away when I saw the caps, Gorick recalled. I had to take a deep breath. I stared at it a while, started shaking and had to go upstairs to tell my wife.

Holiday Slots is a Minnesota Lottery $5 scratch game that offers a top prize of $100,000.

If you live in or near one of the 12 Mega Millions states, you might want to purchase a ticket or three, or 10 or more.

Tonight’s (Mar. 3) game carries an astronomical $212 million jackpot.
The Wednesday, Mar. 4, Powerball game has a $20 million jackpot.
Friday night’s (Mar. 6) Euro Millions game offers up a huge 100 million Euro (about $126 million, U.S.) jackpot. The draw occurs in Paris at 9 p.m., their time.

Good luck, players.


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