Indiana Power Line Worker Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize


Love to see weird stuff like this…Power line worker winning, what else?, but Powerball. Not the big jackpot, but just missing, after picking 5 of 5, but not the Powerball.

Still it won the player $200,000. Here is his story, as provided by the Hoosier Lottery and MUSL, the group that runs Powerball.

Michael Harper Jr. of Lawrenceburg, Indiana unknowingly walked around with a winning Powerball ticket worth $200,000 in his wallet for eight days before realizing he was a winner. 

Even after hearing that his usual Powerball playing spot had a $200,000 winner on Feb. 18, he still didn’t check his tickets because he thought he had forgotten to buy a ticket for that drawing.

The 25-year-old even went so far as to comment to his fiancée that he couldn’t believe he neglected to buy a ticket for that drawing.

“I said “Man, it would have been nice to have won that!'” said Harper. Finally, Harper had a retail clerk check his tickets and was shocked when the clerk told him he would have to go to Hoosier Lottery Headquarters to claim his prize. 

He grabbed a printout of the winning numbers and ran out of the store, jumped in the car and started checking his numbers as he was driving down the road. “I started screaming and yelling!” said Harper. 

“My buddy had to hold the steering wheel.”

At that point, he wasted no time. He immediately picked up his fiancée and headed to Indianapolis to claim his money. “It’s just a blessing,” said Harper. “I’ve been saving almost every dime I’ve had for the last six months.”

Harper, a fun-loving and hard working guy, has been taking extra work assignments out of town for extra money for a down payment on a house.  He and his fiancée are just beside themselves with joy at their luck. 

They have been trying to buy a house for several months, but said their finances “just weren’t quite in the range they needed to be.”

After they buy a house, Harper plans to bank the rest so he can send his daughter to private school eventually.  Harper has advice for anyone who might be contemplating playing Powerball for the first time.

“Take the time to spend that dime,” said Harper.


Tuesday night’s Mar. 17 Mega Millions game offers a $12 million jackpot.
Wednesday’s Powerball game has a $55 million jackpot, the largest lottery jackpot currently going in the world.
Friday’s Euro Millions jackpot is 29 million Euros, or about $37.5 million, U.S.

Good luck, players


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