It Pays To Read Newspapers: A Lucky English Couple Find Out they are National Lottery Winners


This is a pretty cool story that came out of London’s Evening Telegraph newspaper.

Two lucky UK players scooped a six-figure prize in the National Lottery “ after reading about a search for missing winners in their local newspaper.

Chris and Janet Gaff, who live near Holbeach, were completely unaware they had matched five lottery numbers and the bonus ball to win £101,823 in the Lotto draw on Valentine’s Day.

The couple bought their winning ticket from Laddies Ices in Church Street, Holbeach, on the day of the draw, but forgot about their golden purchase after missing it on television.

It was only when lottery organizers launched a hunt for the missing prizewinners that they realized they had won.

Chris, who works as an account manager for electrical products distributor said: “I’d been on a business trip to Zurich during the week and was catching up on the news in our local papers, when I read about the campaign to find a missing Lotto ticket in our area.

“For a while I couldn’t even find out ticket, but when I eventually discovered it in a pile of paperwork and began to check the numbers, it gradually dawned on me that I was the missing person, and was holding the winning ticket in my hand.

“It was just a sense of shock and disbelief.

“You think to yourself is this real or am I dreaming?

“It’s not the big million-pound jackpot but it is still a very nice sum of money that can pay a few bills, pay for us to go on a cruise and give us a bit of money for my retirement.”

Chris’s wife, Janet (56), said she was getting ready for a social event when her husband began asking where their old lottery tickets were, not realizing she was a lucky winner.

“I was preoccupied with doing my nails at the time and wasn’t taking too much notice of him, but all of a sudden he came bursting into our bedroom holding a local paper in one hand and waving a lottery ticket in the other, and asking me to double check the numbers.

“When he pushed the ticket into my hand it got covered in nail varnish remover, but thankfully I could still read the numbers. ”

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