New York Lottery Player’s Dreams Come True, Thanks to a $1 Million Scratch-off Ticket Win


Albion native Brittanie DeClerck dreams of owning her own pet shop someday; a dream she now wants to make real with part of the $1,000,000 top prize she won on an Emerald 8s scratch off ticket from the New York Lottery.

The 19-year-old former dog groomer said she looks forward to seeing her dream come true.

We all have our dream jobs, but not everyone gets to see that dream come true, said the future entrepreneur. This is my chance to make it happen.

DeClerck credits her grandmother, a regular Lottery player, for her recent good fortunein a round about way.

She told me to stay away from the new tickets like this one because everyone plays them, said the young winner. So, of course, I did the exact opposite and went right for the Emerald 8s. That’s just the way I am.

DeClerck bought her winning Emerald 8s scratch off ticket on March 1, 2009 at the Yellow Goose Market on North Main Street in Albion, the same store that employs her aunt, Colleen Conklin, as a clerk.

Conklin was not working at the store the weekend DeClerck purchased her ticket.

I wish she was there, said DeClerck, the eldest daughter of 10 children and mother of a two-month-old daughter. She could have driven me home. As it turned out, I just sat in my car, shaking for 20 minutes before I could drive home to tell my parents.

DeClerck claimed her prize the next day at the Lottery’s Customer Service Center in Rochester.

As is the case with most New York Lottery instant game prizes, the top prize on the Emerald 8s ticket is paid as a 20-year annuity. She will receive her prize in annual payments of $50,000 a year before required tax withholdings.

Her annual net check will total $34,075.

Mega Millions offers up a $24 million jackpot on Mar. 24.
Powerball is the big one this week, mar. 25, with a $81 million jackpot.
And Euro Millions on Friday has a 15 million Euro jackpot in play, about $20.4 million U.S.

Also check out lotto games in Florida and New York on Mar. 25. Big jackpots there as well.

Good luck players.

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