It’s All About the Green: Georgia Landscaper is in Full Bloom After Winning $1 Million

Photo is courtesy of Georgia Lottery
Photo is courtesy of Georgia Lottery

David Horvat, 45, a self-employed landscaper from Alpharetta, Georgia, not only knows how to make his garden grown, but his bank account as well.

One way is to win $1 million, which is exactly what he did recently playing the Georgia Lottery’s Cash Explosion instant game.

Just so you know where the “lucky” store is, Horvat bought his winning ticket at QuikTrip on State Bridge Road in Alpharetta.

He scratched the ticket right it in the store.

“I started shaking,” he said. “I showed the ticket to the clerk, and then I quietly walked out of the store.”

I’m not sure how quiet he was after that. Me, I’d be yelling and shouting!

Horvat and his wife, Chris, have four cats and one dog. The animal lovers are considering a donation to a charitable organization for animals.

“I also plan to give money to my mother and take a few trips,” he shared.

Amen brother. And congratulations.

Mega Millions has a $24 million jackpot on Mar. 24.
Powerball has a mega-jackpot in play on Mar. 25, worth $81 million.
Euro Millions offers up a 15 million Euro ($20.4 million, U.S.) jackpot on Friday, Mar. 27.

Good luck players.


Selling well and I thank all of you. It is still just starting to roll out over the country. Since I don’t have any kind of publicity agent, I’m doing the best I can on my own to get on radio talk shows. If you have one in your area, where you think they might like to talk about the lottery, let me know. Thanks, friends.

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