We Welcome You to the Club: Arkansas Governor Signs Lottery Bill into Law. The State Becomes 43rd to Have a Lottery

A hand is scratching a lottery ticket

Arkansas. All you dudes who would go to Texas or Oklahoma to play the lottery…. soon you’ll have your own lottery.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe signed identical House and Senate bills into law this week, creating an Arkansas “educational” Lottery that will fund scholarships to Arkansas college students.

“You could look at this as Arkansas becoming the 43 state to have a lottery, but there’s another way to look at it. We’re the first state where all of the lottery proceeds will go to college scholarships,” Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who spearheaded the drive for the constitutional amendment voters passed last year to authorize a state lottery.

Beebe believes the lottery can be running by the end of 2009.

Oklahoma lottery officials say they will lose sales when Arkansas implements its new lottery. We’ve heard this before.

Same thing South Carolina said when North Carolina started a lottery a few years ago.

Arkansan Beebe said he did not vote for the lottery plan approved by a vote of the people, but never thought of not signing the legislation because he liked the money the plan will provide for college scholarships and “the people passed it, and the people are the boss.”

Tonight’s (Mar. 27) Euro Millions jackpot is 15 million Euros, or about $20.4 million, U.S.
The Mega Millions jackpot on Mar. 27 is $36 million.
The Powerball jackpot on Mar. 28 is a whopping $91 million.

Good luck, players around the world.

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