Two Timer in Virginia; North Carolina Resident Crosses Over to Virginia, Wins Two Times


Some people just naturally beat the odds.

Steve Granger of Henderson, North Carolina, is one of those people.

“I had a feeling. If I have a feeling for a number, I’ll play it, he said.

He did more than just play it. He played it 20 times. Granger bought 20 Virginia Lottery Pick 4 tickets, all with the number combination of 5-1-1-7, for the April 12 night drawing.

They all won!

He wagered exact order on 16 tickets, so each of them won $5,000. He wagered 50/50 on the other four tickets, each of which won $2,700. His winnings totaled $90,800.

Remarkably, this isn’t the first time Granger has had several winning tickets in the same drawing. On September 28, 2005, he won $900,000 with nine top-prize winners in the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 drawing.

I’ve always been lucky, he said. He bought all of the tickets at Bracey Mini Mart, in Bracey, Virginia.


The April 17 Mega Millions jackpot is a big one…the largest ongoing jackpot in the world, at $109 million.

Tonight’s April 17 Euro Millions drawing in Paris carries a 58 million Euro jackpot. That’s $76.5 million U.S.

And the April 18 Powerball jackpot has risen to $31 million.

Good luck everyone.


I’ll be on the Sebastian in the Morning Show, WCCC, Hartford CT  next week. Watch here for details. I’ll be hawking my book shamelessly… OK, I’m kidding. I will be talking about LOTTERY: A Guide to American Lotteries (McAllister Books), but also just about lotteries in general.  I have lots of stories to tell. More than the ones I talk about in the book.


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