European Lottery Players Going Wild: Euro Millions Jackpot Rolls Over to 123 Million Euros


There was no jackpot winner in the May 1 Euro Millions game so the jackpot rolls over to a massive 123 million euros, or about $163 million, U.S.

The winning numbers, drawn in Paris, are 5,19,31,38,47 and the two lucky stars are 3,5.

I’ll let you know where the second prize winning tickets were sold later today.

In America, on May 1, the Mega Millions game, with a $220 million jackpot, has drawn the numbers 9,16,24,40,43 and Mega ball number 35.

No news yet on winners.

The May 2 Powerball jackpot is nothing to pass over, if you like to play. It’s worth $77 million.

To the millions of players out there around the world who will be playing in the next week…good luck!


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