Florida Lottery Scratch Off Player Takes it to ‘The Max,’ Wins $1 Million


Photo is couresy of Florida Lottery

Let’s hear it for Luis Aguilar Jr., 23, of Hialeah, who recently claimed the $1 million top prize at Florida Lottery headquarters.

He’s not a regular player (he says), which gives all of us who play “only” a few times a week hope.

I’ve said it over and over again on radio talk show…when I’m asked about who plays, who wins…

The answer talk show hosts expect to hear is: the only people who play are those who play a lot and can’t afford to play.

And while a tiny portion of that statement is true (yes, SOME people play more than they can afford), it is also true that everybody (so to speak) plays and most players have a budget. They play only so much every week.

Here is who plays: Doctors. Lawyers. Congressmen. Teachers. Businessmen. Pro football players. Housewives. Gymnasts. Street people. Ex-cons. In other words, EVERYONE.

It runs the gamut. Because so many people play at least once a year. 125 MILLION, according to recent studies.

Is this a Lottery Nation? You decide.

Anyway, congratulations to Aguilar. He said he doesnt play Florida Lottery games often, but said when he does; he prefers to play the $20 Scratch-Off games.

I so was excited I couldnt believe it and still cant, he said.

Aguilar purchased his winning ticket from LGF Enterprises Inc., located on W. 12th Avenue in Hialeah, Florida.

Florida’s $20 Scratch-Off game, MAXIMUM MILLIONS, launched on July 14, 2008, and features more than $190 million in cash prizes.

The May 5 Mega Millions game jackpot reverts back to a starting $12 million. Not a bad way to start.

The Powerball jackpot on Wed., May 6 is $92 million.

And Euro Millions, on May 8, carries a bulging 123 million euro jackpot. My contacts in England tell me that retailers are telling me that interest in the game has NEVER been higher.

With the recession in England, I’m not surprised.

Good luck everyone, no matter where you play in the world.

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