Taking Command, Pennsylvanian Wins $350,000 Playing Cash5


I love hearing stories like this. Dude works at a Red Cross, helping people in need.

Then, he hits the lottery.

Here is the story, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Lottery:

Who knew “pocket change’ could turn into $350,000?  Mike Commander found out soon after his quick-pick CASH 5 Lottery ticket turned out to be a winner!

Mike and his fiancé, Nilda Gonzalez, are cautious when spending money on items other than to pay their mortgage and household bills.

But for Mike, he looked at playing his favorite terminal-based game, CASH 5, as an investment.

Currently working as a technician at the Red Cross, by his own admission, times are tough so spontaneous purchases are out of the question.

As a regular Lottery player, Mike played his usual CASH 5 Pennsylvania Lottery game with a couple of dollars he “found’ in his pocket, and hit the jackpot.

Mike, Nilda and his mother, Mrs. Lucilla Commander were all smiles when they came to the Philadelphia Regional Office to claim their prize. He will receive over $260,000 once 25 percent is withheld for federal taxes.

The lucky ticket was purchased at Cash Money, a check cashing store in the Torresdale section of Philadelphia.  The retailer will receive a $500 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Mike and Nilda are looking forward to getting married very soon.  After paying off his mortgage and planning for his children’s college education, he is finally going to get that Jeep Commander he has always wanted.


The May 19 Mega Millions game offers a $12 million jackpot.

The May 20 Powerball jackpot is the biggest ongoing jackpot in the world: $170 million.

The May 22 Euro Millions jackpot is 15 million euros (or slightly over $20 million, in U.S. dollars)

Good luck players, wherever you are in the world.

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