$1 Million Dollar Georgia Lottery Winner is a Systems Analyst

Photo of Charles Jones is courtesy of the Ga. Lottery
Photo of Charles Jones is courtesy of the Ga. Lottery

I don’t believe in lottery systems that work (they are fun to play, though), and neither, I suspect, does a real professional systems analyst from Powder Springs, Ga., who just won $1 million on June 30, in the state’s rather unique game, Weekly WinFall drawing.

Charley Jones bought his ticket in Lithia Springs, Ga. at a gas station.

He found out by checking out the Ga. Lottery web site.

My first reaction was to double check the ticket to make sure my eyes weren’t blurred, Jones said, with a chuckle.

Jones, 47, and his wife, Pam, together have three children. He said he intends to save some his winnings, set money aside for retirement and share the remainder with the couple’s parents and their children.

A bit about the game, because I like it. Weekly WinFall was a limited-time game that gave Georgia Lottery players two chances to win.

Each week 10 lucky tickets purchased were drawn to win $5,000 each.

The bonus drawing for one $1 million prize and 1,500 $500 prizes was held June 30.

Remember when I talked about the better odds you get when playing second-chance games. To some extent, that holds true for raffle like games as well. So watch for them. Okay?

I want to see YOU win. [Well, me too.]


The Powerball jackpot on July 8 is $30 million.

The Mega Millions jackpot is reset to $12 million on July 10, after there was ONE winning $133 million ticket, bought in New York, for the July 7 game. Congratulations, whomever you are.

The Euro Millions jackpot has soared to 38 million euros for the July 10 game.

Good luck, players around the world.


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