Cash & Carry: Pennsylvanian to Use $112,500 Cash 5 Win to Help Sons, and Buy a New Truck for Himself


Patrick Haggerty was extremely happy when he realized his winning Pennsylvania Lottery CASH 5 ticket was worth $112,500. His take home will be that amount minus the 25 percent federal tax withholding. 

A longtime Pennsylvania ottery player, Patrick alternates playing CASH 5 and Powerball® games when the jackpots are large, he said. 

He has had some luck along the way, But never like this, he added.

The winning ticket was purchased at a newsstand in northeast Philadelphia. 

Patrick plans to use part of his prize on college expenses for one of his sons. 

After gifting his current truck to another son, he plans to get a new one for himself.

The July 14 Mega Millions game carries a $16 million jackpot.
The July 15 Powerball jackpot is $49 million.
And for those who play in Europe, there is a 57 million euros jackpot in play on July 17. Drawing is at 9 p.m., Paris time.

Good luck, everyone.


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