Nine-Time West Virginia Lottery Winner Has Won $159,000 Since Septembr 2008


Ok. So you think you’re a lucky person?

Try this one story on for size.

Since 2000, Brenda Bailey of South Charleston has claimed nine West Virginia Lottery prizes, eight them from instant tickets.

Including this past week’s $7,000 prize from a West Virginia game called Gem 7s and two instant game prizes claimed by her husband Richard, the couple’s grand total is more than $175,000, from 11 instant tickets.

Lottery records indicate that Bailey has claimed $159,000 since last September, from just five instant tickets.


In May, West Virginia Lottery Director John Musgrave announced that the winner had set a record for prizes won in eight months from the Lottery’s instant tickets.

Bailey, who turned 60 on June 11, claimed a $100,000 cash prize from The Price Is Right on May 5.

Additional winnings since September include $1,000 from Feelin’ Lucky, $1,000 from Strike It Rich, as well as that game’s top $50,000 prize, and this week’s $7,000 claim from Gem 7s.

Bailey’s husband claimed another $10,000 from Deal Or No Deal last September and $6,600 from a Red Hot Six ticket in January, according to lottery records.

In addition, Brenda Bailey claimed $800 from the on-line game Travel Keno in 2000, $3,000 from Veterans’ Cash in 2001, $1,000 playing Deal Or No Deal in 2007, and $2,000 from Scratch Keno in 2008.

The winner believes the most incredible part of her story is that she doesn’t buy an excessive number of tickets.

I just bought two tickets for the $100,000 prize, and this week I only bought two tickets from my change at a supermarket . . . I won $6 on one and $7,000 on the other!

A professional caregiver for the ill and elderly, Bailey said her husband is retired from DuPont. They have three grown children and three grandchildren.

Damn. Let’s hear it for Bailey. And we should all be so lucky.


The July 14 Mega Millions game carries a jackpot of $16 million.
The July 15 Powerball game has a $49 million jackpot.
The July 17 Euro Millions game offers up a 57 million euros jackpot…about $74 million, in U.S. dollars.

Good luck, players around the world.


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