South African Lottery 5 Million Rand Win Restores A Man’s Dignity


This is a world lottery blog and so today I introduce you all to the South African Lottery, and I welcome in all our new South African viewers. In time, you will come to love this site and invite you to participate, send me notes, hate letters, whatever.

My wife, by the way is South African. And we were married in Jo’burg. OK?

On July 16, LOTTO restored a Gauteng man’s dignity when he joined the list of South African millionaires winning just over 5 million rand, the South African currency. [That translates to about $637,344 in U.S. dollars)

I feel like a real man because my family will stop living hand to mouth now that I’m a LOTTO millionaire, says the man who used to spend his spare time working in his garden simply because he couldn’t afford to do anything else.

As the main bread winner at home and sharing a house with his extended family the little that he made as an artisan had to go a long way.

I’m the only person who has a steady job at home and there are quite a number of us so I need to make sure that the basic essentials at home are taken care of and I end up not having any money for myself. Now that lady luck has smiled on me all that will change, he added.

The very quiet and reserved millionaire had not yet told anybody about his windfall at the time of going to print. He wants to first put plans in place as to how to better spend his money especially on his family.

Sometimes I’m glad that we did not have it easy before LOTTO because we had enough time to spend talking and sharing each others’ aspirations. I know exactly what most of my family members wish for in life. That is why I’ve decided not to tell anybody that I’ve won but instead put plans in place in line with what each family member desires to have, added the wise millionaire.

Number one on his list of things to do with his new fortune is to build his family a home and not a house as he clearly stressed it.

We are fortunate that we have always lived together in one house and made it a home. My first priority right now is to build an even better home so that we can still live together the same way we have always done because nothing beats a loving family, concluded the modest LOTTO millionaire.

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