Lottery Jackpots Soaring; Powerball Tops the $100 Million Mark, Mega Millions to $73 Million

A hand is scratching a lottery ticket

All three major multi-state (and country) lotteries had no winners in their last games, so jackpots are rapidly rising.

If you have a spare dollar or euro or two, you might want to take a chance. Because someone, somewhere is about to have the luckiest day of their lives. Whether that is July 29, July 31 or beyond…someone’s dreams are about to come true.

You just don’t know it yet.

But you gotta believe. Call it the power of persistence.

I talked with a 26 year old lottery millionaire recently. Pure luck. Bought a Quick Pick. Won.

Next time it could be you. Or me.

The July 29 Powerball jackpot is $102 million.
The July 31 Mega Millions jackpot is $73 million.
The July 31 Euro Millions jackpot is 28 million euros, or about $39 million, in U.S. dollars.

To all of us who play around the world, good luck.

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