Illinois Lottery Jackpot of $11.5 Million Won by Retirees


Here’s a nice present to give to each of your kids: $1 million.

Retirees Dick and Sue Buxton played a Quick Pick and won the grand prize of $11,500,000 from the July 6, 2009, Illinois Lottery Lotto drawing.

We were so excited we won that we immediately hopped in the car the next morning and headed to Springfield to claim our prize, said Sue, who was too nervous to keep the ticket in their possession
any longer for fear of losing it.

As soon as the Buxton’s found out they were winners, they knew what to do: give $1 million to each of their two daughters and save the rest.

When they got back from the Springfield Lottery office, the couple set up a meeting with a financial advisor. Sue and I want to make sure we are investing the winnings in the best way possible, said

We don’t want to do anything extravagant, just live life more comfortably. And make sure our daughters and their families have all that they need to provide for themselves.


There was no big winner in the August 5 Powerball game so the jackpot skyrockets to $161 million on Aug. 8.

The winning numbers on Aug. 5 are 25,34,41,46,49 and the Power ball is 29.

The Aug. 7 Mega Millions jackpot is at $102 million.

And the Euro Millions jackpot is 38 million euros for the Aug. 7 game as well.

Good luck to all of us who play around the world.


I’m going to be asking all of my viewers, and readers, to send me their systems…no matter how outlandish.

Everyone who contributes will be entered in a drawing for some scratch games.


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