Irish Lottery Winner of $7.4 Million (in U.S. dollars) Was Unemployed At Time of Win


Call it the luck of the Irish. At least for new Lottery millionaire Seamus Duffy.

Well, Duffy told the Belfast Post newspaper that he was feeling lucky in the run up to hitting the 4.5 million pound (US$7.4 million) jackpot.

The unemployed father-of-six from Greysteel in Co Londonderry, said he had enjoyed a few less exciting Lottery wins in the weeks before the big one.

But despite his winning streak, he never expected to scoop such a fortune.

“I’ve won a number of prizes. I have been feeling very lucky ” but I never thought it would be this lucky,” he said.

The 49-year-old also said he was now looking forward to putting his large family “on their feet”.

He has six children, including two teenagers, plus one grand-child, five brothers, three sisters and elderly parents.

Top of his wish list is a new house.

And Duffy, who currently lives with his elderly parents, said he also planned to book his first ever overseas trip and to splurge on a new top-of-the-market Range Rover.

The 49-year-old hit the £4,593,096 jackpot on Saturday night with a Lucky Dip ticket, which he bought in a store in Garvagh.

With six children from two previous relationships, one grandchild, five brothers, three sisters and his elderly parents, he won’t be short of family to spend his winnings on.

Speaking at a press conference today a delighted Duffy said, “To be honest I’ve been in a bit of a daze since the win and I obviously haven’t thought everything through.

“But top of my list will be to help out the family and it will be terrific to be able to do it.”

“I thought I was seeing things when my six numbers came up on the screen and I just couldn’t believe it.

“My partner Carmel was fast asleep and I woke her to double check ” and there was no mistake.”

Duffy has been off sick since arthritis to the back of his neck forced him to give up his job on the building sites.

“I’ve had to be careful with money,” he said.

He’ll still have to be careful. But he has a lot more to work with.



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The Aug. 12 game numbers are 10,25,32,34,47 and the Powerball is 5.

No one picked all six numbers.

Good luck, everyone, on Aug. 15.

The Mega Millions jackpot offered up on Aug. 14 is $146 million.

Good luck, everyone around the world.


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