$718,306 Louisiana Lottery Winner Nearly Threw Ticket Away


Before Katie Engolia’s husband threw their non-winnning Lottery tickets away, he decided to sift through them one more time.

That’s when he noticed that one ticket had stuck to the back of another. Following his instincts proved worthwhile, since this particular ticket matched the winning numbers from the Aug. 1 Lotto drawing, winning the $718,306 jackpot.

“The first time my husband checked our tickets, none of them matched. So when he called me and said that he checked them again and we had a winner, I didn’t believe him,” shared Engolia. “It wasn’t until I went to the Lottery Web site and triple checked that I realized our numbers really had matched the Lotto winning numbers.”

With tears filling her eyes, Engolia added, “We think it’s a gift from God. We are very thankful. In fact, we thought we won less than what we actually did. We were just so happy to have won.”

Engolia, 25 of Covington, Louisiana, said she and her husband regularly play their “trilogy” of Lottery games — Easy 5, Lotto and Powerball.

She received $502,814, after federal and state taxes were withheld and said she plans to use her winnings to buy a house.


The Mega Millions Aug. 18 game carries a hefy $170 million jackpot.

Powerball’s Aug. 19 jackpot is even larger: $245 million.

Good luck, players around the world.


  1. I love hearing stories about lottery near-misses; just confirms the fact that Engolia was meant to win!

    Congratulations Engolia!! I hope your winnings are well spent and enables you to have a life you’ve always dreamed about!!

    And good luck to lottery players around the globe. Hope you see your fortune someday!


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