The Wisdom of Solomon: $259 Million Powerball Winner Steps Forward


The new lottery math: When does 2 = 259,000,000?

When you’re Solomon Jackson, of South Carolina, and your $2 Powerball ticket yields a $259 million jackpot.

Jackson is a retired South Carolina government employee (Department of Revenue, no less), and he was all smiles when he claimed his jackpot this week.

“For once in my life, I really experienced the old saying, pinch me to see if I’m still alive, or if this is real,” Solomon Jackson Jr. said at his press conference.

It was the largest jackpot ever won with a ticket bought in the state, which has the nation’s fifth-highest unemployment rate.

At the press conference, he opted not to say much. We know he is married and has 10 brothers and sisters.

He would not say how old he was. Nor would he talk about his children.

He said he bought the ticket on a lark.

“”I said, ‘Well, why can’t I throw $2 at the lottery, to help education?’ Come to find out, I did not need $2 to win, so I wasted a dollar. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.”

Jackson picked up the only ticket that matched all the winning numbers for the Aug. 19 drawing ” 14, 24, 31, 43 and 51, with a Powerball of 27 and a multiplier of 5 ” at a gas station.

He says he won’t let his winnings affect who he is, only dropping hints that eventually someone else will benefit from his good fortune.


The Aug. 28 Mega Millions game offers up a huge $325 million jackpot. Someone is going to be rich very soon.

The Aug. 28 Euro Millions jackpot is 15 million euros.

And the Aug. 29 Powerball jackpot is up to $33 million, after no one won the big prize for the Aug. 26 game.

Good luck, players around the world.

And here’s to you Solomon Jackson. You rock.

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