What’s Up Doc? $189 Million Powerball Jackpot Claimed by Florida Doctor; Guess He Won’t be Making Any Housecalls Soon


Florida's 1st POWERBALL jackpot winner

One of the biggest lies perpetrated by the anti-lottery crowd is that ONLY poor people play the lottery.

Will take this, fools.

In my book I document and cite studies showing that EVERYONE across the board plays lotteries. Lawyers. Senators. And yes, even physicians. [Of course, it’s also true that some people who can’t afford to…play.]

Anyway… the $189 million Powerball jackpot of Oct. 3 was just claimed by a Florida doctor.

Here’s to you, Doc.

The jackpot was claimed by the W. Steemer’s Trust, William A. Steele, M.D., 56. of Orlando is the trustee. They took a one time payout of $101,160,403.68.

Steele said he waited several days before checking his ticket. “I’m still in shock,” he said.

In photo above is Steele, with his very happy wife, Frankie.


$200 million is up for grabs on Oct. 16 in the Mega Millions game.

Powerball’s jackpot on Oct. 17 is $20 million.

Good luck, everyone.


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