$5 Million New York Lotto Ticket Bought on a Whim (Don’tcha Know)


OK, how is this for a story? Woman walks into a Deli in Queens, New York (I’ve probably been to all of them when I was a kid growing up on Long Island)… walks out with $5 million.

Right, you’re probably saying. Sure.

Well, it happens in the world of lotteries.

Mi Hyun Moon, a former NY resident was in town visiting friends when she bought a lotto ticket.

She said it was the first I ever bought.

And look what happened. “It was surreal,” Moon said.

The 40-year-old mom of two is a native of Korea who lived for 20 years in Queens before moving just outside of Philadelphia.

It happened  on Sept. 14, at the Imperial Deli on 21st Street in Long Island City. She needed change before jumping onto a bus to go home. She bought the lotto ticket to get the change.

She will take home a $2,839,929 lump sum payout, which will be cut to $1,869,263 after taxes.

“To be honest, I am still getting over the initial shock,” she said. “I am dreaming of all the things I can do with the money. The kids’ college funds are paid for.”


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