Florida Woman, Wife of a Million Dollar Lottery Winner, is About to Lose Her Home


What a creep.

Someone sent me this news brief and I thought you all might like to hear this story, although it’s not very pleasant.

I guess the moral of the story is: you know you’re not lucky when you separate from your partner who then wins a million dollar lottery (after the breakup).

So here is the story.

Arnim Ramdass’ wife, Donna Campbell, is about to lose her Miramar, Florida home  home after she recently received a note from the mortgage company telling her she was going into foreclosure, according to JustNews.com.

That’s not unusual in Florida, but what is unusual is that her husband is apparently hiding a $19 million winning Florida Lottery ticket.

The thing is:  Campbell can’t find her richer half and it doesn’t look like Ramdass wants to be found.

At least, not by Campbell, hi wife.

Campbell and Ramdass made headlines in 2007 after she alleged her hubby had been hiding the fact that he and some buddies won the lottery jackpot. She eventually found out when she googled him, according to JustNews.com.

Campbell sued for half of the money and Ramdass got missing before anything could be resolved.

Apparently, Ramdass also skipped out on paying the mortgage and now Campbell is deep in the hole.

“I want to be able to find my husband. I want to bring this to a close,” Campbell said.

Right now, though, she needs a place to live.


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