Powerball $128 Million Winners Contact Kentucky Lottery Officials; When Will They Come Forward?


News reports leaking out of Kentucky say that the Kentucky Lottery has been contacted by a law firm representing the possible winner of the $128.6 million ticket sold in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The winner cannot be declared until the ticket has been seen and validated by lottery officials in Louisville.

Based on the conversation lottery officials had with the alleged winner’s attorneys this morning, the information is consistent with what would appear on the winning ticket, a lottery official said.

“They didn’t indicate to be in any rush to get to Louisville. Perhaps they are waiting to cash in after the New Year. Smart move, tax wise.

There are security levels that the ticket must match, including the date and time of the purchased ticket, literally down to the second, he said.

In Kentucky the winner has 180 days to validate the ticket.

The attorneys have told lottery officials the ticket is secure and the winner(s) are making future plans with their client(s).

We’ll give you all the news when the winners or their lawyers come forward.

The Dec. 30 Powerball jackpot is worth $20 million.

Not bad for a $1 bet.


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