Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $121 Million; Powerball at $65 Million; Euro Millions Rolls Over to 28 Million Euros ($39.6 Million USD)


There were no jackpot winners in the Jan. 22 Mega Millions game so the top prize rolls over to a VERY attractive $121 million.

Helluva way to start the new year, by winning that, eh?

The Jan. 22 numbers are: 8,13,27,28,52 and Mega ball 9.

9 tickets matched the first five numbers (but not the 9 ball) and (except for the California tickets– see below for how much that is worth) each is worth $250,000.

They were bought in California (3 tickets matched 5 and each ticket is worth $79,168), Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas (2 tickets matched the first five numbers) and Virginia.

The next draw, worth $121 million is Jan. 26 (MY BIRTHDAY).

The Powerball jackpot for Jan. 23 is $65 million.

There was NO big winner in the Jan. 22 Euro Millions draw in Paris.

The winning numbers are 4,22,27,36,44 and lucky stars 7,9.

The Jan. 29 draw is thus carrying a 28 million euro jackpot, or about $39.6 million, in U.S. dollars.


I want to thank everyone who bought a copy during the Christmas season.

Feel free to keep buying.

I am hard at work on a follow up. If you guys know any cool stories about winners, just let me know.


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