UK Euro Millions Winners Celebrate $42 Million (in USD) Jackpot Win


The Sturt Family from Dorking, UK are celebrating after leaping into fourth place in the National Lottery Rich List. The four members of the family syndicate won half of the EuroMillions jackpot in the draw on Friday Jan. 15, to bank a stunning £26,151,124.20. That’s about $42 million in USD.

Father George, 75, and his three children Colin, Gary and Teresa make up the syndicate, but with a further eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren the win will transform the entire family’s life.

George, who buys the family’s ticket every week, first discovered the win on Saturday morning. He said: “I woke up and had a bit of a funny feeling – I always check the ticket at the shop, but decided to bring up the results on Teletext. I could see I had all of the numbers and knew it must be quite big, but wasn’t sure how much so I called my daughter to come up to the house.”

Teresa checked the ticket and was soon sat in a state of shock at the size of the win. She said: “When you dream of winning you think you’d scream but you just stare at each other and are completely gob smacked – initially you don’t want to believe it in case it isn’t true.” George called his sons, Colin and Gary, who after a little persuasion that it wasn’t all a wind up joined their father and sister.

The family are convinced the win is a gift from their wife and mother Maureen, who sadly passed away last July. George said: “She loved the children and she will be so happy that they are all taken care of. She will have a big grin on her face.” Teresa said: “She is still part of our lives everyday and we were all really close to her. All of my children immediately said it was a sign – it was Nanny.”

George plans to support a number of local charities with his win, who have helped the family across the years, but his biggest pleasure will come from seeing his family secure. He said: “It is for the kids really. They have had tough times and to know that the whole family will benefit from the win is very satisfying. It will make such a difference and will help in so many ways.”


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