“If I hadn’t Had a Heart Attack, I Wouldn’t Have Won $379,397 Lottery Prize,” said Minnesota Player


Ken OlsonI love this story.

And it shows you how weird things happen when you play the lottery.

Minnesota native Ken Olson won a Gopher 5 jackpot for the second time and he’s convinced he’s going to do it again.

I’m going to win the Lottery at least three times in my lifetime, Olson explained as he claimed a $379,397 Gopher 5 jackpot in early January.

Olson won his first Gopher 5 jackpot, worth $162,633, on Jan. 24, 1997.

Olson, who is originally from Minnesota, still owns a lake home north of the Twin Cities. He and his wife currently live in Deleon Springs, Fla. during the winter months and were back in Minnesota over the holidays.

The couple was planning to drive to Florida on Jan. 4, but an unfortunate incident delayed their trip.

We were sitting in the car all packed up and ready to go and then I started having chest pains, recalled Olson.

Reluctant to get on the road, the duo decided to stay for a while so Olson could rest. He later suffered a heart attack and spent the next two days in the hospital.

As an avid lottery player, Olson says he never misses buying lottery tickets. On Monday night, when he was still in the hospital, he knew he didn’t have any tickets and that bothered me, he said.

Olson was released from the hospital on Jan. 6 ” just in time to get some Gopher 5 tickets for that night’s drawing.

The following morning, Olson discovered that he had won the Gopher 5 jackpot for the second time. I thought to myself, “Stay calm, I’ve done this before.’

It’s weird to think that if I didn’t have a heart attack, I never would have won the Lottery, Olson said as he claimed the prize.

There’s no doubt in mind that I won’t win again, he added.

We just hope he doesn’t have to go through another medical emergency for it to happen.

Awesome, Ken.


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