$9.7 Million Prize Won by Connecticut Player; And a Very Happy New Year We’re Sure She is Having


Marilyn Critron

For the past 23 years, Marilyn Citron of Mystic has played the same set of numbers in Connecticut’s Lotto game.

On New Years Day, it paid off. And she won $9.7 million..

As a long-time player, Citron generally checks the Friday winning Lottery numbers on Saturday morning, but due to the busy holiday and a driveway that needed to be shoveled, she didn’t have a chance to check until late Saturday afternoon. Thinking there must be a typo, Citron logged on to the CT Lottery’s website, which confirmed that she was indeed the only winner of the Classic Lotto Jackpot.

But she was. And won a cash lump sum payment of $5,830,667 (pre-taxes).

Citron, who works as a communications and business manager for a major Southeastern Connecticut pharmaceutical company, had been planning on taking on a part-time job after her retirement in March.

While she will continue to stay on at her job until her retirement date, her Lottery winnings will allow her to forgo the need for a part-time job search after retiring, and will allow her to devote time to volunteer work with a focus on helping animals, which are her passion.

I live a fairly modest life, this will allow me to do more traveling and share this abundance with family and friends, because in the end, it’s only money, Citron said. While I don’t see my life changing that much, this will make it easier.

We hope that is true. We hope her life is only changed for the better.

Our advice: get good financial advisers. And have a good life.


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