Where, Oh Where, is That $212 Million Powerball Winner? [Somewhere in New Jersey]


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See those folks above? They sold a winning $212 million Powerball lottery ticket to someone.

If they know who it is, they ain’t talking.

Someone who bought a Powerball lottery ticket last week at Gene’s II Deli in Morris Township, New Jersey, is a very rich person, but the winner of the $211.7 million jackpot has yet to come forward.

Lav Patel, a co-owner of the Speedwell Avenue deli and convenience store, said someone had called three times Monday from three different telephone numbers to verify the winning number.

“I don’t know if it’s the same person,” said Patel, who runs Gene’s with his cousin, Pinal Patel, and Rudrakant Joshi.

Patel hopes the winner is a regular customer.

Saturday’s drawing marks the first time a jackpot-winning Powerball ticket was bought  in New Jersey since the state started offering the game on Jan. 31.

The jackpot, which has been growing since Feb. 10, has a cash value of about $101.6 million.

The largest solo jackpot win in New Jersey lottery was in 2005 by Harold and Helen Lerner in Rutherford, who won $258 million in the Mega Millions.

We’ll let you know who the winner is when they step forward to collect their prize.


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