New Millionaires Plan to Keep On Working; Oh Really?



Two New York Lottery millionaires in upstate New York said they are going to keep on working.


As reported by the Syracuse media, Susan Kot, 50, of Kirkville, NY (in photo, left) has been buying lottery tickets for the past 24 years, but this time she scratched off a $1 million winner. And man, is she ever happy.

“I came in the store to cash in my winning tickets, and I wanted a Harley Davidson lottery ticket because I wanted a Harley,” she said.

“They were out of the tickets at the counter so I put my $10 in the vending machine and got two tickets.”

She carried the ticket around for a few days before scratching. Then kept it in her purse before confirming it at her retailer.

She found out she won $1,000,000. “I was crying and shaking, and I went home and gave it to my husband,” she told the press.

Kot and Debra Noyes, 35, of Fulton, NY (in photo at right) were introduced today by New York Lottery announcer Yolanda Vega (in photo, center)  at the Dandy Mini-Mart on Minoa-Bridgeport Road, where Kot bought the winning ticket.

Both won $1 million in scratch-off tickets.

The pair are both employed in East Syracuse and plan to keep working.

Kot is planning to use her winnings to take her husband, sister and sister’s fiance for a week in Las Vegas.

Noyes said she’s planning to send her daughter to Florida and possibly take a trip herself. S

he won her prize in the Silver 6s, and also used cash from other winning tickets to buy her winning ticket at Struppler’s Shurfine market.

Noyes, a medical biller for Medical Management Resources in East Syracuse, said she scratched off a Poker ticket, where she won $5; and then saw she’d won the $1 million jackpot with the other ticket.

“I started shaking,” she said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I showed the clerk and she started screaming.”

Both winnings are paid in a 20 year annuity… so it’s not like they actually will have  a million in the bank.

But it’s a nice nest egg, isn’t it?

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