Euro Millions Winners of $89 Million (in U.S. Dollars) Tell Their Story

Lotto 649 tickets. Theres an unclaimed last week's $64-million 6/49 jackpot on at the OLG headquarters on Tuesday October 27, 2015. Dave Abel/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

From our blogger pen pal, Tim Reynoldo, who lives in London…

I took the liberty of taking Tim’s comments and translating them a bit so that American readers would understand. Apologies to my many U.K. readers.

Anyway, says Tim, a Gloucestershire, UK couple are celebrating after shooting straight into first place in the National Lottery Rich List, with an amazing £56,008,113.20 jackpot (that’s about $89 million in U.S. dollars) prize.

Nigel Page and his partner Justine Laycock banked the biggest UK lottery win after scooping half the jackpot in the EuroMillions draw on Friday Feb. 12.

Nigel, a self-confessed sky-diving fanatic, and Justine are now trying to keep their feet firmly on the ground since learning of their enormous windfall at the weekend.

Nigel recently started playing online and had already won £55  (about $89 dollars U.S.) earlier that week in Wednesday’s UK draw.

Nigel recalls: “I’d already checked my National Lottery Account and had seen I’d won £55 on Lotto when I decided to buy two Lucky Dips for the big EuroMillions jackpot on Friday. I didn’t think about it again until Saturday morning when I was watching the news with my daughter and saw that there was one UK winner who shared the jackpot with a ticket in Spain. I remember even joking it might be me! I logged on to my Account and saw the Lotto win for £55 in my Account and just below it was the £56 million EuroMillions prize.

“I started shaking and couldn’t speak. I just kept looking at it on in the screen in front of me but I couldn’t say a word!”

Nigel then went to wake up Justine who was still asleep. Justine says: “I knew something was up as Nigel never wakes me up on a Saturday morning and he looked so worried. All he said was ‘I need you urgently. I need to show you something’. I thought something awful had happened but he took me to the computer and there it was on the screen. His hands were shaking so much, he couldn’t pick up the phone so I called the lottery line and they confirmed it was true. We were the £56 million winners!”

The couple have been together for eight years and have three children from previous relationships – Nigel’s daughter, Ella and Justine’s son and daughter, Jacob and Georgia. Both Nigel and Justine work in the property field – Nigel runs a property maintenance business and Justine works for a local estate agency in Cirencester. They both plan to give up work and are already making plans for their win.

Nigel has been a sky diving fan for nine years and is a member of his local sky diving club in South Cerney.

Nigel says: “I’ve jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet but that’s nothing compared to how I’m feeling now! I’ve been a sky diving fan for many years and I would love to set up my own indoor sky-diving centre. There are only three in the country and I plan to use some of the win to set up the first one in the South West.”

The couple plan to buy a new house but want to stay in the Cirencester area and hope to use their win to travel. Justine says: “It would be lovely to get a five or six bedroom house with a pool and lots of space but we really enjoy the area we live in now so we won’t move far. We’d also like to buy somewhere abroad where we can go on holiday but it’ll have to be in the school holidays!”

Note to Nigel: stop the sky diving.

Hey, congratulations guys, from the U.S.A.


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