Are You Holding a $36 Million-Winning Mega Millions Ticket?


Someone who bought a Mega Millions ticket at a Kalamazoo, Michigan, gas station is mega rich.

According to a store owner (who should know because he gets a bonus for selling the ticket), a regular lottery customer of a gas station market in Kalamazoo, Mich., holds the winning Mega Millions ticket for a $36 million jackpot.

Citgo One Stop Mart owner Kaushik Patel said his southwest Michigan store sold the winning ticket last week in the June 11 multistate game drawing.

Patel said the man, who hasn’t been identified, came to the store Saturday to check his tickets but the machine didn’t process.

He obviously knows the winner but doesn’t want to reveal his name.

He went home, checked online and discovered his numbers matched.

Then, Patel said, the customer called him to say he”and the store”were winners. Patel congratulated him and now looks forward to promoting it.

“It’s good for the store,” said Patel. “It’s good for the business”we sell more tickets.”

Patel said the customer spends $50 to $60 weekly on the Mega Millions’ Tuesday and Friday drawings.

That’s a bit high, but it sure paid off, didn’t it?

Lottery spokeswoman Andi Brancato said Monday morning the winner has not yet contacted the state.

She said he must schedule an appointment with lottery officials in Lansing to confirm he holds the winning ticket and collect the money.

Mega Millions winners have one year from the drawing date to contact lottery officials.

The winning numbers were 6,13,33,34,and 42. The Mega Ball was 25.

These are good stories.

Are you reading this posting, you who won?

If so, congratulations dude.

Spend and invest the money wisely. Buy my book (see cover to the right) and learn about what to do right…and what other big winners did wrong.

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