Top 5 Worldwide Lottery Jackpots; Florida Player Hits $72 Million Powerball Jackpot


One ticket matched the six winning Powerball numbers in the July 10 game, so congrats to the winner of $72 million.

It wasn’t me.

Here are your top 5 jackpots currently in play around the world.

1. $52 million, Mega Millions, next draw is July 13

2. 41 million euros, or about $51.8 million in USD, next draw is July 16. Tickets available in six European countries, including the U.K., Spain, France and Portugal.

3. $50 million in Canadian dollars, or about $48.4 million in U.S.D., next draw is July 16. Tickets available across Canada.

4. $20 million, Powerball, July 14

5. $19 million, Indiana Lotto, July 14 (tickets available ONLY in Indiana)

Good luck everyone.


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