In Maryland, Ultimate Payday Lottery PrizeWinner is a Millionaire


As Paula Evans walked through the doors at the Maryland Lottery Headquarters, she learned that she was Maryland’s newest millionaire.

The shocked 39-year-old immediately broke down in tears.

So would I. Wouldn’t you?

Here is the rest of this very cool story.

The Landover resident was randomly selected on July 8th from over 44,000 Ultimate Payday Top-Prize Drawing mail-in entries.

See? Haven’t I always told you to watch for second chance drawings. Stuff like this can happen.

Back to the story:

The winner, who has a 21-year-old daughter in college, a 17-year-old son about to start college, and an 18-year-old disabled son at home, said, I just want to be able to take care of my children.  That is what’s most important.

While at the Lottery, Paula called various family members to tell them the news.  Everyone was in disbelief.  Her mother, who works at a hospital in North Carolina, said she was going to run through the hospital screaming.  Her aunt prayed with her on the phone.  Her daughter called her a storyteller.

The win came at a great time as Paula just completed her first semester at Prince George’s Community College, in Maryland.

Along with raising her children, the nursing student earned a 4.0 GPA.  Through tears of happiness, Paula told Lottery Officials, This is still so unbelievable.  I thank God for my blessings.

The Ultimate Payday ticket was launched in April 2008 by the Maryland Lottery.

Watch for similar games in YOUR state.

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