Cause for Celebration? A 7.7 million pound U.K. Lottery Win (About $11.7 million in U.S. Dollars)


From my correspondent in the U.K.

Susan and Ivan Westbury, of Nottingham, England  could not wait to toast their £7.7million Lottery jackpot. That’s about $11.7 million in U.S. dollars.

A good reason to celebrate.

But the couple, both 64, had to scrap their plans when they got to a pub and found they had no cash. So workaholic Ivan simply returned to his office to continue toiling. But the dad-of-three, who runs a Nottingham lightning protection firm with Susan, can now treat himself to a rare luxury – his first break in four years.

He said: I have a passion about work. Not having had a day off in all this time is embarrassing but I’ll take a day off now.

They learnt their numbers had come up in last Saturday’s draw when Susan popped into Tesco the next morning to get her ticket scanned. She was so stunned she asked an assistant to phone her husband.

He said: I got to Tesco car park and Sue was crying. We sat in the car, numb with shock. They drove to look at a house for sale and then saw a pub. Susan revealed: Ivan said, “Let’s go in to celebrate,’ but neither of us had any money on us. So Ivan went back to work and I went home. The couple plan to swap their two-bedroom home for a larger one and Ivan fancies a Jaguar. But they will keep working.

The grandad said of their new riches: We’ll look after the kids and the family. We’re just ordinary people who worked very hard to build our business up.

We just go to work and come home. We don’t go out very often. I don’t think it will change us.

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