California Scratch Winner Pockets a Cool $1,000,000 (that’s a million, y’all)


A Clearlake, California woman claimed her $1,000,000 Millions in Cash winning lottery ticket on July 28, 2010.

Awesome. Here is her story, thanks to officials at the California Lottery.

Patricia Zalpis was totally surprised when she scratched the ticket to reveal it was a $1 million dollar winner.

According to the California Lottery, “She bought her Millions in Cash ticket along with several other Scratchers game tickets and decided to scratch them off in the store. After working her way through several non-winners, she slowly began to scratch the Millions in Cash ticket. After seeing she had matched the winning number, she went to work scratching the prize amount, thinking she had maybe won a free ticket.

“At first I thought I won 10 dollars,” she said. “Then 100, then 1,000, and then I saw the million and I thought “no way,’ said Zalpis dismissively. So I set that ticket aside and won $8 on my other tickets and then went back to it. I just could not digest it.”

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